Smile Squad Houston: A Leader in Family and Pediatric Dentistry in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, is home to a dental practice that has been revolutionizing family and pediatric dentistry: Smile Squad Houston. With a strong emphasis on patient-centered care, Smile Squad Houston is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental solutions for patients of all ages in a comfortable and welcoming environment. In this blog, …

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Smile Squad Dental: Top Medicaid Dentist in Houston

When it comes to finding quality dental care, cost and accessibility are often major concerns. For people who rely on Medicaid for their healthcare coverage, finding a dentist who accepts Medicaid insurance can be a challenge. However, Smile Squad Dental in Houston is making it easier for people to get …

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Choosing The Right Dentist For Your Child

Choosing the right dentist for your child is an important decision that can have a lasting impact on their oral health. The right dentist will be able to provide your child with high-quality care and help them develop good oral hygiene habits that will serve them well into adulthood. Here …

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Trick Or Treat! 6 Healthy Tips For Halloween

Halloween can be a fun and exciting time for kids, but it can also be a time when they consume a lot of candy. Too much candy can lead to tooth decay, weight gain, and other health problems. Here are some tips for limiting candy intake for kids during Halloween: …

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Dental Coverage Through Medicaid

Dental coverage through Medicaid is an important aspect of healthcare for low-income individuals and families. Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides health coverage to eligible individuals and families with low incomes and resources. Dental coverage is an optional benefit under Medicaid, and each state decides whether …

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Willow Springs kids dentist | Teething

Getting teeth can be a difficult time for both babies and guardians. Here are a few helpful tips to assist with making life somewhat more wonderful for everybody. Did you had at least some idea that when your child is conceived, every one of the 20 of their child teeth …

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Pediatric Dentist 77086 | Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are just as important as permanent teeth and play a significant role in your child’s overall development. Baby teeth might only be around for a short time, but they serve an important role in your child’s development. If your child has a cavity, it’s best to get it …

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Care Tips for Retainers | Willow Springs 77086

Remember to remove your retainer whenever you eat, drink, and brush/floss. Brush your retainer every time you brush your teeth and rinse with cold water. You should never soak a retainer in peroxide or any type of mouthwash. It is advised to occasionally soak your retainer in a denture cleaning …

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Oral Health During COVID-19 For Young Adults

Kids Dentist | Willow Springs 77086 Many schools across the country closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and families find themselves together more than ever. For many of us, daily routines skidded to a halt. And it’s easy to let habits change, including regular brushing and flossing. Adding a twist to …

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Back-To-School Dental Visit

Willow Springs Dentist 77086 In the surge of the last long stretches of summer, it very well may be enticing to disregard your youngster’s late spring dental test, however skipping it could mean detention for your kid’s mouth. School year kickoff physical? Booked. New outfits and shoes? Purchased. Yet, remember …

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