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The World of Baby Teething

Getting teeth can be a difficult time for both babies and guardians. Here are a few helpful tips to assist with making life somewhat more wonderful for everybody. Did you had at least some idea that when your child is conceived, every one of the 20 of their child teeth …

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Smile Squad Grand Opening

Thumb Sucking A Problem?

Many children give up the habit before they start preschool, but for persistent thumb suckers, intervention might be necessary. Thumb sucking is a natural reflex that calms, soothes, and lulls a baby or child to sleep. Even in the womb, fetuses suck their thumbs to prepare themselves to breastfeed. Most …

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Kids Dentist Houston 77086

Why Should My Child See A Pediatric Dentist? Pediatric dentists are dentists who have spent and additional 2 to 3 years of specialty training, in addition to their standard dental education, and are Board Certified to provide dental care and treatment for children ages 0 to adolescence. Just like you …

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Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are just as important as permanent teeth and play a significant role in your child’s overall development. Baby teeth might only be around for a short time, but they serve an important role in your child’s development. If your child has a cavity, it’s best to get it …

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Back-To-School Dental Visit

In the surge of the last long stretches of summer, it very well may be enticing to disregard your youngster’s late spring dental test, however skipping it could mean detention for your kid’s mouth. School year kickoff physical? Booked. New outfits and shoes? Purchased. Yet, remember about your kids’ teeth! …

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Care For Your Child’s Smile

Here are some tips for helping your child take care of their changing mouth. Children usually start losing their baby teeth around age six. By age twelve, most kids have all their adult teeth until their wisdom teeth begin to erupt in their late teens. The changes that happen to …

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To Whiten or Not To Whiten?

Just look around and you’ll see that stained teeth are everywhere. Several factors of our modern lifestyles actively work against our ability to maintain white teeth. Here are a few of the common daily habits that can stain teeth: Drinking coffee, tea, or other dark liquids that can leave stains …

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