What Are Endodontists?

Endodontists are dental specialists who have furthered their education by two to three years in the specialty of endodontics. They perform several types of oral surgery, including root canals. While a general dentist can perform a root canal, endodontists have extensive training to guarantee the best results possible and are also trained in additional procedures which may be required in some cases to help ensure the affected tooth can be saved.

Why Do I Need A Root Canal?

When your tooth has untreated decay, over time it will dissolve the enamel. It begins to infiltrate your tooth’s structure, eventually making its way to the nerve. This is when you will feel the throbbing pain of an exposed root. This can also occur to a tooth that has had several procedures already performed from previous decay or injury.

Other reasons for needing a root canal can be due to trauma to the mouth, causing one or more teeth to become cracked or chipped. While some people, regardless of injury or decay may not feel any discomfort, most patients come into our office experiencing severe pain and extreme sensitivity to either the temperature of the air, food, and beverages, or when eating sweets. Other complaints are of gum pain, swelling and sensitivity. Usually, a tooth requiring a root canal will also appear darker in color than the surrounding teeth. Your endodontist will require a thorough exam and full x-rays to confirm that a root canal is the best course of treatment for your tooth.

While no one enjoys having a root canal done, many patients are afraid that the pain will be worse than when having a traditional filling. They are often surprised when their treatment is over because they are in less pain or discomfort than before they came in to see us! Tooth pain hurts, but when the root is removed, you no longer have the sensation of pain anymore, which is a great relief to those suffering. Still don’t believe it? Give our office a call today to schedule your consultation and let our highly skilled endodontist prove how quick and painless a root canal can be!