Pediatric Dentist Houston 77086

So Fun, Your Kids Will Enjoy Coming!

Smile Squad Houston’s highly trained doctors offer these pediatric dentistry services for your child:
Bi annual pediatric cleanings
Detailed oral exams and screenings
Fluoride treatments
Dental fillings
Crowns or other treatments for more extreme tooth decay
Instructions and guidance for children and parents on proper in home preventative care including twice daily brushing and flossing.
We think it is important for all of our patients, no matter their age, to receive the best dental care possible. For children, it is important to teach them how to properly care for this teeth at home, so they will not require extensive dental treatments as they age. When your child’s first tooth/teeth come in, dental care at home should begin. Cleaning these new teeth, as well as the gums, gently with a piece of gauze or a soft cloth will help to keep them clean. When several teeth have erupted, you can begin brushing them with a soft toothbrush.

Around the age of 1, your child should see a pediatric dentist for the first time, before this time, your pediatrician will be checking for any concerns or irregularities. To ensure that your child does not develop early tooth decay, make sure you do not send them to bed drinking a bottle, or right after breastfeeding, without brushing afterwards. Also, if you child has a thumbsucking habit, help them to kick the habit as early as possible.

You may be nervous about your child’s first dental appointment, we understand! Many parents have a fear themselves of the dentist and are worried their child will experience pain or discomfort during their exam or treatment. We urge you to try and remain calm, as your child can easily pick up on your tension. We work hard to ensure our office is warm, inviting, fun and our exams and treatments are as comfortable as possible.

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