Kids Braces in Houston 77086 – Traditional Metal Braces

Orthodontics, also known as dentofacial orthopedics, is a field of dentistry specializing in the diagnosis & treatment of facial and dental imperfections. Orthodontic irregularities are not just an effect of genetic but can also be a result of lifestyle and environmental factors. Some of our patients come to us because they are experiencing an issue with their jaw function or a misalignment in their bite, making it difficult for them to eat or speak. Others look to orthodontic care for issues such as crooked teeth or teeth that have actually rotated in their mouth. No matter the reason, orthodontics can resolve most dental malformations for patients of nearly any age.

Traditional Metal Braces

What most people are familiar with when it comes to braces are the stainless steel brackets and wires we’ve all seen growing up. These traditional braces are the most affordable and most selected option for orthodontic treatment. Young patients enjoy the multitude of color varieties available for their bands and, unlike the “old days” of metal braces, today’s traditional braces have thinner wires and smaller brackets.

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