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Invisalign – Willow Springs

Invisalign® is truly the clear option if you are looking for great results without the look or feel of braces. Invisalign uses a series of custom-made for you “aligners” which work to slowly move your teeth into their proper final alignment. Though not available for use on children, teens and adults find that the virtually invisible appearance and ease of removable aligners makes this the perfect treatment option for them.
With Invisalign, you will wear each of the custom made aligners around 2 weeks before changing to the next tray in your series. Most treatments can be completed within a 1 year timeframe.

What comes next? Well, in order to discover which, Invisalign or braces, are the right fit for your orthodontic treatment, our friendly orthodontic team will perform the following.

A Complementary Consult

During your consultation, we will take:
Detailed photos of both your face & your mouth
X-rays of your teeth & jaw
Dental impressions of your teeth & gums
Determine A Specialized Treatment Plan

Your Orthodontist will review all the information, images, x-rays and impressions taken during your consultation to develop a treatment plan specific to your unique needs. At this time, your doctor will discuss which treatment option will work best for you, traditional braces or Invisalign. If you are ready to get started, treatment can begin the same day and we will discuss with you the proper care required for cleaning and care of braces or Invisalign so you know exactly what to expect.

Follow Up Checks & Adjustments

Regular visits to your orthodontist will be required to check the progress of your treatment repair any broken or loose brackets, bands or wires. Once the desired final position is achieved, your orthodontist will remove your braces and give your teeth a professional cleaning.

To Ensure The Best Results

In order to guarantee the best results, and maintain the final position of your teeth after treatment, a retainer is usually required.

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