Care Tips For Braces – Houston

Remember to brush your teeth and braces (including bands, wires and brackets) every day, especially after eating, to avoid build up of food and plaque around your brackets and on your teeth.

Don’t forget the floss. Though it is not as easy to maneuver with braces, your dentist will happily show you how to effectively floss around your braces and wires.

Avoid eating foods that are hard, chewy and sticky. Foods like candy, gum, nuts, apples, raw veggies, corn on the cob, ribs, popcorn and ice should be avoided while wearing braces to avoid damage. A full list of foods to avoid will be provided to you during your consultation.

Protect your mouth while playing sports! Talk to your orthodontist about a special mouth guard if you play sports where you potentially can experience getting hit in the face or mouth.

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