Our Smile Squad Characters

While the cutting edge Tooth Fairy thought may be new, customs encompassing child teeth date back similar to old traditions.

Each human culture has its own practices encompassing the removal of child teeth. The idea of the Tooth Fairy, for instance, traces all the way back to old Norse and Northern European customs.

A few societies plant the child tooth in the ground, accepting another tooth will fill in the youngster’s mouth to supplant it, while others toss the tooth on the top of their home or toss the tooth into a fire for security.

Numerous Central American societies make luxurious adornments from child teeth as a return to an old Viking custom where kids’ assets were viewed as sacrosanct and best of luck charms.

In Argentina, a glass of water with the lost tooth is forgotten about for Ratoncito Perez. He drinks the water, takes the tooth, and places a prize in the unfilled cup. In France, he goes by La Petit Souris or Little Mouse.

Our advanced American adaptation of the Tooth Fairy began with a book written in 1927. All things considered, it didn’t acquire footing until Walt Disney’s interpretation of pixies advocated the idea and immediately turned into a presence in many families.

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