Oral Health During COVID-19 For Young Adults

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Many schools across the country closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and families find themselves together more than ever. For many of us, daily routines skidded to a halt. And it’s easy to let habits change, including regular brushing and flossing. Adding a twist to our new situations might give the whole family a boost while helping maintain oral health.

Researchers looked at 8,500 children and found that those with consistent habits were nearly 50% more likely to demonstrate good social-emotional health than those without. During uncertain times, simple routines may really help. From personal hygiene to exercise, you can make a difference for your kids.

Make a Reward Calendar! For younger kids, print out a calendar page for the month and pull out the crayons. Have kids decorate their own calendars and hang it on the bathroom mirror. Add three stickers to each day: Brushing in the morning, brushing in the evening, and flossing once a day. Pick a weekly reward that fits your child.

Educate! Find and watch a fun video just before brushing that helps kids learn about dental health. Youtube has many short, unique videos for kids that reinforce the reasons for good oral care. Check out this one from SciShow Kids.

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