Choosing The Right Toothbrush For Kids | Pediatric Dentist 77018

Choosing a toothbrush has become a very complicated task with more and more choices hitting the shelves every day it seems. How can you ensure that you have selected the right one for your child? Here is a useful guide to help you select the right one for your children.

Reminder: Toothbrushes need to be replaced every few months or whenever the bristles have begun to look worn or are bent.

Another great tip is to look for a toothbrush that has the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance on the box. This seal is reviewed annually by the ADA’s Council on Scientific Affairs supported by a group of 750+ leading scientists in fields such as pharmacology, chemistry, toxicology, and microbiology. This should make you feel more confident that your selection of a toothbrush with this seal.

Opt for a child-size toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid damage to their gums. An adult-size toothbrush will be too big for a child’s mouth and the handle may be too long for them to get a proper grip on the brush. The soft bristles will help avoid damage to the soft gum tissue while still providing a thorough cleaning.

A question we are asked often is if manual or electric brushes are better. Some recent studies have shown that both are about equal in their effectiveness of removing plaque, so unless your child struggles with reaching their back teeth, or has physical disabilities that prevent them from properly brushing with a manual brush then an electric one is a better choice. If your child is not brushing too hard and has been able to maintain good oral hygiene with a manual brush then there is no need to switch to an electric.

Want our recommendation for great children’s toothbrushes? We are happy to help!

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