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While the cutting edge Tooth Fairy thought may be new, customs encompassing child teeth date back similar to old traditions. Each human culture has its own practices encompassing the removal of child teeth. The idea of the Tooth Fairy, for instance, traces all the way back to old Norse and …

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Pedodontics is a deal specialty centered around diagnosing and treating kids’ dental issues. A pediatric dental specialist works with kids beginning in earliest stages through youthful adulthood. The pediatric dental specialist assists kids with accomplishing and keep up with great oral wellbeing. Look further into pediatric dentistry to comprehend the …

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Pediatric Dentist Procedure – Sealants

Dental wellbeing is something that influences the general health of the body, making pediatric dentistry a critical piece of any kid’s general government assistance. A few guardians might be worried about dental systems for kids, particularly with regards to comfort levels, the recurrence of office visits and choices to make …

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Toothaches In Infants

At the point when babies can’t talk, it tends to be hard for guardians to know when the baby has a toothache. In any case, knowing what the side effects are can assist guardians with making a reasonable deduction concerning what’s going on. Steady torment in the tooth is one …

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Smile Squad Office

Invisalign – Willow Springs

Invisalign® is truly the clear option if you are looking for great results without the look or feel of braces. Invisalign uses a series of custom-made for you “aligners” which work to slowly move your teeth into their proper final alignment. Though not available for use on children, teens and …

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Care Tips For Braces – Houston

Remember to brush your teeth and braces (including bands, wires and brackets) every day, especially after eating, to avoid build up of food and plaque around your brackets and on your teeth. Don’t forget the floss. Though it is not as easy to maneuver with braces, your dentist will happily …

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Smile Squad Grand Opening

Why Smile Squad – Houston, TX

We Deliver The Latest and Most Advanced Dental Services From the moment you walk into our office, you will be welcomed by our friendly and helpful team members. When you step into your treatment room, you will be surrounded by the most up to date dental technology, comfortable seating and …

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Kids Braces in Houston 77086 – Traditional Metal Braces

Orthodontics, also known as dentofacial orthopedics, is a field of dentistry specializing in the diagnosis & treatment of facial and dental imperfections. Orthodontic irregularities are not just an effect of genetic but can also be a result of lifestyle and environmental factors. Some of our patients come to us because …

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Pediatric Dentist Houston 77086

So Fun, Your Kids Will Enjoy Coming! Smile Squad Houston’s highly trained doctors offer these pediatric dentistry services for your child: Bi annual pediatric cleanings Detailed oral exams and screenings Fluoride treatments Sealants Dental fillings Crowns or other treatments for more extreme tooth decay Instructions and guidance for children and …

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